SKU: Anifam 508

Anifam Smart Automatic Pet Feeder

$10.00 USD

Sustained Feeding Experience: Boasting a generous 4L/17 Cups capacity, this automated pet feeder ensures your pets are well-fed for weeks, making it ideal for busy pet parents. 

Reliable Dual Power Source: Operated by a 5V DC adapter, our feeder also includes a backup option with space for four A-size batteries (not provided). Its memory function ensures that the feeding schedule remains uninterrupted during power outages, so your beloved pet never misses a meal.

Safe & Hygienic Feeding Solution: The inclusion of a desiccant bag and a secure lock lid maintains food freshness and restricts pet access. Its detachable components allow for thorough cleaning, minimizing bacterial growth for a healthier feeding environment.

Advanced Anti-Clog System: Our feeder features a unique, patented design optimized to prevent food clogging, ensuring a consistent and reliable food delivery. This anti-clog mechanism keeps your pet well-fed and worry-free.


  • Dimension (cm): 33.5*17.8*17.7



Product MOQ: 500pcs Customization is available. Add your own logo. Contact us for more info.


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Key Features

High-Quality Material

Crafted from food-grade 304 stainless steel, our feeder significantly reduces the growth of bacteria.

Enhanced Freshness & Security

Our feeder has a desiccant bag and a secure lock lid to keep pet food dry and fresh.

Reliable Backup Power

4 - A battery backup ensures uninterrupted operation during power outages