Devotion to Excellence in Pet Supplies

Our team harbors a deep-seated passion for delivering consistently high-quality pet products, ensuring that every customer's needs are precisely understood and aligned with the ideal manufacturer.

The Quality Assurance team at our pet supplies division stands as your champion in the pursuit of unparalleled product quality.

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Extensive Capabilities

Anifam relies on YD Electric, where the quality service department possesses expertise in quality development and deployment across various aspects.

  • Lean/Waste reduction assessments
  • Supplier scorecard/measurement consultation
  • Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) system assessment/consultation/creation
  • Efficiency assessments
  • Quality systems assessment and implementation
  • Design for manufacturability assessment
  • Statistical Process Control
  • consultation and implementation
  • Specification development/consultation
  • Warranty system assessment and consultation/creation
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