We Have Established Deep Roots in Pet Supply Manufacturing

At Anifam, we believe every product should be a beacon of safety and a testament to wellbeing. From the gentle touch of our grooming tools to the secure embrace of our dog retractable leash, each item is crafted with care and the utmost attention to detail. Here, we don't just create products; we create guardians for your pet's wellbeing, ensuring joy and health in every wag and purr.

Since its establishment in 2017, Anifam has been driven by a singular goal: to redefine pet supplies, focusing on health and safety. Every product is a fusion of meticulous research and heartfelt innovation, crafted to ensure the well-being of your beloved pets. We firmly believe that caring for pets transcends basic necessities; it's about cultivating a bond enriched with trust and protection. Our approach breaks the mold, challenging conventional pet care with products that blend safety, love, and practicality. In a world where pets are family, Anifam stands as a guardian of their health and happiness.

Production Chain Management and Optimization

With over 30 years of expertise in manufacturing, we maintain precise control over production efficiency, quality, and costs, guaranteeing high-quality, cost-effective products right from the start.

Robust Engineering Team, Exceptional Product Quality

Anifam takes pride in its extensive production experience and employs state-of-the-art equipment to create top-notch pet supplies. We are committed to ensuring the highest quality by carefully selecting materials and leveraging advanced technology in our manufacturing process.

Innovative and customized solutions

Anifam adapts to market changes by continuously improving and innovating our products while offering tailored solutions for our clients. 

Stable and Consistent Supply Chain

Through strategic acquisitions, we have secured three factories, meticulously ensuring a seamless and stable supply chain to consistently meet the needs of our discerning clients.

In-Depth Understanding of Our Pets

We dedicate ourselves to researching and comprehending our pets' habits and preferences, allowing us to develop products tailored to their specific needs. Our commitment centers around prioritizing the well-being and safety of our beloved pets.

Some Key Moments in Anifam Pet Supply’s Growth