Our mission is to boost our customers' net income by providing pet products and services.

Increase Sales

Differentiate from competition
Attract consumers
Build loyalty
Promote trial
Encourage rebuy
Support pricing

Reduce Costs

Cut unit cost
Reduce material use
Optimize pack-out
Reduce freight spend
Minimize returns
Lower warehousing spend

Improve Productivity

Streamline supply chain
Increase line speeds
Handle inventory
Manage logistics
Provide on-time delivery
Simplify order management

We Are Different from Other Suppliers

Anifam prioritizes quick, effective service and aims to benefit our partners and employees alike. We strive to turn transactions into enjoyable experiences.

Focus on Results

We're dedicated to impacting your bottom line positively through our pet supply products and services. Our approach is designed to enhance your net income in three key areas: boosting sales, reducing costs, and enhancing productivity. By focusing on these strategic aspects, we ensure that our partnership contributes directly to your financial success.

Continuous Improvement

Our philosophy is to be constantly evolving—pleased with our achievements but never complacent. We are dedicated to enhancing both our operational systems and the professional growth of our team. Our commitment is to make individuals and businesses thrive, achieving greatness and efficiency at an unparalleled pace.

Operate with Strong Values

Anifam is dedicated to maintaining exceptional process quality and delivering high-quality pet supply products. We set and rigorously measure ourselves against precise objectives, ensuring continuous improvement and excellence. Our corporate culture sets us apart in the industry, characterized by our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Our Relentless Pursuit of Operational Excellence Grows the Net Income of Our Customers

This objective is achieved by offering pet products and service solutions designed to enhance our customers' revenue, reduce their expenses, and/or bolster their productivity. In addition to positively influencing their financial outcomes, we are dedicated to delivering accurate and timely information and products to our customers. Furthermore, we are constantly in pursuit of innovative methods to refine and advance our processes, ensuring our services remain at the forefront of the industry.