Anifam Factory in Ningbo, China

Anifam was established in 2017 on the foundation of YD Electric. We boast a 15,000m² factory space and a 6,000m² warehouse, with a dedicated team of over 150 employees. We genuinely care about the health and safety of pets, focusing on the production of smart pet supplies, retractable dog leashes, toys, and grooming tools.

Two-shot Injection Machine

A two-shot injection machine combines the creation of multi-material and multi-colored components in a single manufacturing cycle, offering enhanced efficiency, strong material bonding, and the ability to create complex designs with improved aesthetic and functional properties. It's a go-to technology for industries requiring high precision and innovative part design.

Surface Mount System

A Surface Mount System refers to the machinery and processes used in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) to place and solder electronic components onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs). This system has largely replaced the traditional through-hole technology (THT) for its efficiency and ability to accommodate smaller, more densely packed components, which are essential for modern electronic devices.

Plants and Facilities

Injection Molding Workshop

Stamping Workshop

Spot Welding Workshop

Raw Material Warehouse

Assembly Workshop