Warehousing & Inventory Management Services at NO COST!*

Inventory represents a significant investment at many companies and can amount to 20-30% of total assets.

Developing and maintaining inventory incurs various costs such as housing, handling, insurance, and administration. This spending could be redirected to fuel business growth. Anifam's deep industry knowledge, global infrastructure, and advanced systems enable us to assist customers in managing their inventory efficiently, saving them money.

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Warehousing Capabilities

Understanding the critical impact missed deliveries can have - resulting in delayed shipments and potential lost revenue for your business - we've taken substantial measures to fortify our logistics. Our facility includes a warehouse of over 6,000m², enhancing our capacity for prompt and reliable order fulfilment. This expansive storage capability ensures we maintain an ample stock, ready to meet your immediate needs, thereby significantly reducing the risk of any missed deliveries. Our commitment to maintaining a seamless supply chain is integral to supporting the ongoing success and growth of your business.

Your Advantages

Workable Lead Times

Precise planning and domestic location contribute to high inventory levels and controllable lead time.

Safety Stock

24-hour inventory flow and live monitoring, and a well-planned modular structure—all this ensures your products are safe and intact.

Order Efficiency

The high rise of our in-stock product system guarantees a comprehensive response to any necessity of large quantities waiting to be stored.


Minimize your inventory investment right from the start. Anifam lifts the burden of the balance sheet and inventory hassles off your shoulders.

Ensuring Safe and Punctual Delivery of Your Pet Supplies

At Anifam, we recognize that pet supplies require meticulous care and expertise in packing, given their potential vulnerability during transport. We diligently track individual deliveries and constantly monitor our carriers' performance to ensure our high standards of care and punctuality are consistently met.